Trump’s Newest Silent Business Venture: MAGA

Hatred and racism have finally become a business in America: especially when the campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” was popularized by a President who a large number of Americans consider as the most racist and morally corrupt person to hold the highest office in the United States.  

Tons of support has been centered around the famous “Make America Great Again” phrase from Trump supporters, but what I bet people didn’t expect was this phrase brainwashing them to believe if they performed duties such as intimidate, scare, or even kill anyone who goes against or is considered to be “unfit” to the cliché catchphrase, that they would be acting as workers to the mantra.   

Recently, an attack against an openly gay man, Empire star Jussie Smollett, was done in the name of “Make America Great Again.”  According to CNN, the attackers allegedly approached Smollett in the wee hours on Tuesday morning, and while attacking the star, they yelled racial and homophobic slurs including, “This is Make America Great Again country.” 

This type of attack although extremely hurtful and unfortunate to Smollett, is sadly only a small fraction of a bigger problem in America today.  Just two weeks ago, more supporters of MAGA, mocked a Native American man who was playing a drum and singing after The Indigenous Peoples March, which was created to draw attention to social injustice against native people. According to Esquire, a group of white male teens surrounded the elderly man–while he was singing and drumming with other marchers—chanting “build the wall” while wearing MAGA apparel.  In addition to these two most recent MAGA influenced attacks, let’s not forget the man behind the CNN bomb threats this past December, whose was van was found covered with a heavy amount of Trump support material.  CNN politics also stated that in 2016, the suspect was also seen at a Trump rally wearing a MAGA hat.

Now granted, racism has always been an issue in the world, and hating others that are different from you has been taught since the beginning of time, but I don’t remember any time in history when an American President actively and willingly promoted discrimination as a part of his political agenda, such as separating immigrant children from their parents, just the same as how slave owners would separate slaves children from their parents, by selling the children when it was beneficial for them.  Do you?

Illustration By: Max Flieshman