Sex or Pizza?

Graphic of a pizza boy delivering a pizza through a computer screen.

The 19th-century arrival of Italian immigrants to the United States brought with it one of the most important foods of the modern American diet: pizza.

Though it was mostly prepared and consumed by Italian American communities in the early 20th century, pizza has become a symbol of American culture, so much so that American pizza chains like Domino’s and Pizza Hut can be found all over the world.

According to Statista, Americans spend about $38 billion a year on pizza, while the number of pizza shops in the US has been steadily rising. As of 2018, there are close to 77,000 pizza shops in the US. A major shift toward more health-conscious lifestyle choices, however, makes things a little more complicated.

A survey commissioned by Caulipower shows that 98% of Americans eat pizza (no surprise there) and that 63% are willing to give something up so that they can eat pizza, guilt-free:

  • 37% would have a social media detox for one year
  • 17% would throw their smartphones away for one month
  • 16% would give up sex for a year.

The survey also shares that nearly 75% of Americans would eat even more pizza if it were healthier (fewer calories, more nutrients, etc.) That’s a lot of pizza.

With new trends like &Pizza, for example, Americans can choose exactly what goes into their pizza and how much of it they want to eat. But, since it’s National Pizza Day, go ahead and give your local pizza shop some love – they’ve fed many a birthday, movie night, and hangover.

And as for sex vs. pizza, why not both?