Blackface, Black Voice, it’s all a joke in Politics

“The nerve of these people,” I thought while reading the latest updates in the The New York Times about the chaos in Virginia’s state government.  Normally I read the news on my phone while lying in bed after I say my morning prayers, but this particular morning I had to sit up and immediately pull out my computer.  I literally couldn’t believe my eyes and I couldn’t take a moment to really digest my thoughts.  You see, as a writer, if you want to make an impactful story, it’s important to jot down your thoughts as they come, or you’ll lose them, so that’s exactly what I did—jotted down my thoughts.  I typed them just as they came and thought, “I’ll worry about being grammatically correct later.”  The story went a little something like this:  You blackface-wearing racist -thinking…I think you get the point!! 

Have you ever heard of the saying “That escalated quickly?”  Well that’s exactly what has happened in Virginia.  In eight short days, the scandal in Virginia has gone from zero to one-hundred, real quick.  Virginia’s Attorney General, Mark R. Herring and Governor, Ralph Northam, –who are both white—have each admitted to wearing the highly offensive, discriminatory, and racists blackface masks before they took political office.  Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax, –who is a black man– is being threatened with impeachment over his refusal to resign after being accused of sexual assault by two different women. 

 Now don’t misunderstand me, I am no supporter of sexual abuse by any means and I am fully aware sexually assaulting someone is a crime, but I do think it is very unfair that Fairfax is facing possible impeachment, since our justice system regards the accused as innocent until proven guilty. 

People shouldn’t just jump to conclusions, especially seeing when Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault– while being confirmed for Supreme Court Justice– still got his day in court.  I mean Gov. Northam and Attorney Gen. Herring both refused to step down when their seats were called for and while the may not qualify to be legally impeached, what consequences do they suffer from their actions?  If you ask me, they are getting off scott free and that isn’t right.  Why is this?  Why is it that promoting discriminatory conduct such as racism, –which in the past has led to criminal behavior, I.E. the Detroit riots in the 1960’s, –isn’t held to a higher standard?   Wearing the blackface mask is not only heinous and disrespectful to the African American community, it’s also very hurtful.  At what point will the black voice matter?

Well, I’ll tell you one thing, after Gucci is boycotted by the black community over the next three months because of that blackface garbage piece of clothing they created, I’m willing to bet someone will at least respect the black dollar!  And while I hate to be be the bearer of bad news, but in the voice of Kevin Hart, “Yall gone learn today.”