Twitter Has Less Daily Active Users Than Snap And That’s A Huge Problem

.gif of the snapchat ghost logo surrounded by speech bubbles that say positive things. Photo: One Mega Lifestyle

Snapchat has more daily users than Twitter after shifting its target audience and finding a way to monetize the platform. Twitter clocks in at 126 million daily users, while Snapchat has 186 million. Twitter, as influential as it is, should be worried about what Snapchat has in store.

I was first introduced to Snap in high school, before the platform included messaging and face filter features. The platform was just a toy at the time — a toy that I’d lost interest in around my sophomore year of college when the app overwhelmed my phone and started causing glitches.

By the time my senior year had arrived, Instagram had its own story feature, which made Snapchat far less appealing than it had been in previous years. Before I knew it, Snapchat was no longer my and my friends’ go-to app.

Watching Snapchat regain its footing has been entertainingly cringeworthy, but it is nice to see that the app is back in the game. I deleted Snapchat after a quiz on the app featured a joke about the domestic violence Rihanna endured and seeing the company lose $1.3 billion after Kylie Jenner tweeted that she stopped using Snapchat showed me that I was not the only millennial growing bored with the app.

Snapchat announced in October that it would begin offering 12 short, scripted shows through the platform. Many of the shows starred teenage characters, its new target audience, and the shows featured unskippable commercials to finance the projects.

Despite the massive updates to the platform, I truly did not think that people were still using Snapchat until I saw my 18-year-old brother messaging on the app for hours.

“You don’t use it because you’re old,” he said to my 23-year-old face.

Jordan, my brother, doesn’t use Twitter, because, in his words, he doesn’t know what to say and scrolling the timeline can be stressful depending on on the day. Snapchat has never been the place for sharing ideas or political conversations, so I can definitely understand why teenagers haven’t ventured over to Twitter en masse.

Twitter doesn’t feel like a fun place anymore and fun is how you keep users coming back. Admittedly, I use Twitter more than any other app on my phone because it provides me with the news and social commentary all in one timeline.

But all of the things that have kept me coming back to Twitter are the same things that are making people run away in droves. In recent months, Twitter has tried to grapple with its social impact and groups using the platform to influence political campaigns with fake accounts. The company has removed tens of millions of bots since July and expects to continue removing millions that elections near.