YouTube Could Be Ditching the Dislike Button and That Could Be A Huge Mistake

Graphic of a hand holding a smartphone with an illuminated YouTube logo. Photo: Giphy

Dislike mobs are giving the product development team at YouTube a new headache. There’s a trend of organized “dislike” campaigns targeting YouTubers and certain content on the platform and now YouTube is trying to figure out what to do about it. They’re currently bouncing around the idea of removing the dislike button or making it more detailed.

YouTube should completely nix the idea of getting rid of the dislike button, but making users specify why they dislike a video could be a win for the company, influencers and subscribers.  YouTube has become a hotspot for political commentary, prank videos and educational tools since it was first created more than a decade ago. By allowing users to see just how many dislikes a video has received, YouTube is saving viewers time and energy of looking at a video that may not be helpful.

YouTube’s product team should make disliking a video a more extensive process by requiring viewers to answer a survey question. This option will only do so much to combat dislike mobs; however, it is a solution that general viewers and YouTubers can benefit from. Survey questions will provide YouTubers with better insight on how to reach a broader audience or how to improve their channel.

Unlike Instagram, YouTube’s lengthy videos can be used as an educational tool. From hairstyles and makeup techniques to documentaries and homework help, YouTube has made it easier for people to learn and share skills.

The dislike mobs pose significant issues for viewers and YouTubers looking to enhance the engagement on their page. When a video on YouTube gets a notable amount of dislikes, it can impact whether the video is suggested to other viewers — this is what the dislike mobs are hoping for, amongst other things.

YouTube needs to use this situation as a way to revamp the way the dislike button is used on other platforms. Facebook and Apple Music use dislike buttons — on Facebook the feature is attached to wall posts, video content and images, while Apple Music uses the button to help tailor users’ playlists and feature songs to their liking.

YouTube has a unique opportunity to help influencers and their subscribers by expanding the dislike button’s features on its platform and hopefully, the company will choose to do so.