Brexit and the Jetstream

Graphic of different air-worthy vehicles.

The headlines surrounding the uncertainty over Brexit are concerning. From food and drug shortages to political discord, the list of potential disruptors may be evolving.

While travel within the European Union may change, a safeguard has been instituted to ensure travel between the United Kingdom and the United States remains uninterrupted.

Travel and commerce between the two nations is significant. 20 million passengers and more than 900,000 tons of cargo are flown between the countries on an annual basis, according to a press release from the industry organization Airlines for America.

In order to maintain the flights, an agreement called Open Skies was approved to provide service guarantees despite the unpredictability facing Europe.

“This agreement provides certainty to our customers and employees that air service between the United States and the United Kingdom will continue without interruption,” said Oscar Munoz, CEO of United Airlines, in a statement provided to The Penenberg Post.

“Given the significance of the UK market and the close relationship between our two countries, the agreement is reassuring for United, our passengers and the thousands of employees who work tirelessly to make our UK operation safe and reliable,” said Munoz.

While administrative obstacles appear to be out of the way, the other issue facing travelers is ticket prices. A casual check of airfares reveals deep discounts in the Spring during the Brexit deadline period. Passengers can easily find flights for less than $500 roundtrip. Heading into the summer months, fares begin inching up by several hundred dollars.

Photo credit: Pixabay

By Marc Stewart