Utilizing your First Amendment Right will definitely give you freedom

Illustration of yellow soccer shows

Stephen Martin, owner of Prime Time Sports, a Colorado clothing store that carries sports apparel and memorabilia, is closing his doors after 22 years of business. The reason: he decided to quit selling Nike brand apparel.

In a recent article reported by CNN, Martin says he knew the boycott against Nike would hurt his sales, but after he saw the Nike/Kaepernick ad that stated: “Believe in Something. Even if it means sacrificing everything”, the words “Sacrificing Everything” stood out to him.

Martin stated that he knew the decision would be a risky one, but the money was never a factor for him deciding to boycott Nike–the principle was.  

Martin was not a fan to the take a knee to the flag protest that cost Kaepernick his NFL contract and when Nike made the decision to endorse Kaepernick by creating an ad that highlighted his take a knee protest, Martin decided that he would sacrifice his entire Nike relationship to prove a point—even if it meant sacrificing his business.  

Martin felt that it was blatant disrespect to show a lack of respect to the reason he and Kaepernick both have Freedom of Speech. However, consumers evidently were not too happy about Martin deciding to discontinue selling Nike because since then, the store’s sales have decreased by 15% and is currently in arrears on the rent payments.  

At face value, you almost have to respect both men for making the costly choice to stand up for what they believed in, but let’s make something clear. Freedom of Speech is the first right in the United States Constitution, followed by the freedom of the press and the right to peaceably assemble to petition the Government. Colin Kaepernick exercised his Constitutional right to Freedom of Speech by peaceably assembling to petition the government against police brutality in the black community. While Stephen Martin exercised his right to Freedom of Speech by choosing what brands he sales in his store. Although Kaepernick’s decision got him released from the NFL, he retained an endorsement deal by Nike. Martin’s decision on the other hand, forced him to close his business.

I’m trying to draw the conclusion as to which decision is the better of the two. Supporting someone who chooses to sacrifice everything in a mission to make a difference, or choosing to sacrifice everything to prove the point of what is “politically correct?”  

I wonder now though, if anyone would be willing to oppose my previous claim to the power of boycotting by the black community.