Moving in Manhattan: Scooters in the City

Traveling in New York City is like shopping in New York City: so many choices, so many prices, and there’s always a surprise.

Despite the crowded cars, slippery platforms and the occasional rat, the subway has become my mode of choice. Big picture: it’s fast and efficient. It’s almost always faster than a car. It’s a chance to read the paper, listen to music, and absorb the sights of the city.

While I’m intrigued by the business aspects of some ride-sharing services, including VIA, it’s the growing popularity of scooters that really has my mind racing.

Scooters are simple.  Two wheels. A small platform to place your feet.  Then it’s off to your destination of choice.

While I expect to see children and teenagers using them, I’m always stunned when I see parents on scooters of their own.  Something that seems to be targeted at the 18 and under crowd, clearly appeals to Generation X and beyond.

You can certainly rent scooters in New York City but if you want to buy one, be prepared to pay.  I spotted one of the folding electric scooters on sale for about two hundred dollars; some are even pricier.  I’m not talking about the rugged bicycle-like scooters. I’m talking about the basic design styles.

Right now, the streets are slick after a night of snow and ice.  But should I give the scooters a try? I have a feeling I’ll be more comfortable moving underground, not gliding on the city streets.

By Marc Stewart