Republicans see red when they hear Medicare for All… but why?

Last week, I blogged about the Democratic Presidential candidates that are running for office in 2020 and their healthcare stances. While I recognize that the majority of Democrats lean left in supporting bills that promise ‘Medicare for all’ or even the termination of private insurance companies nationwide, we’ve yet to really understand why the GOP rejects these propositions.

Why are they so against ‘Medicare for all’ anyway?
It’s surreal how much politicians use twitter to voice their stances on major issues–luckily? These are my favorite public tweets by Republican officials on Medicare for All:

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Twitter:

“Democrats ‘Medicare for all’ bill would end Medicare as we know it and force everyone into a single government-run system. The plans that more than 170 million Americans currently rely on would be made illegal. No choice, no options, and no alternatives allowed.”

The Official GOP twitter handle re-posted an article by Politico that detailed a Democratic proposal for a Medicare for All bill with the following comment:

“Here’s what Democrats DON’T want you to know: this government takeover of healthcare would cost $32 TRILLION.”

Senator John Cornyn of Texas on Twitter:

“Green New Deal, Medicare for all, 70% tax rates, socialism, no meat, now this: Booker and four 2020 presidential rivals endorse marijuana legalization.”

Kevin Brady, U.S. Representative for Texas’s 8th congressional district tweeted:

“UPDATE: Medicare for all Frightening. Congress can’t even keep its doors open now Democrats want to put Washington in absolute control of your personal health?”

And of course, our favorite: Donald Trump in 2017:

In a thread, “Bernie Sanders is pushing hard for a single-payer healthcare plan – a curse on the U.S. & its people…” (did he really say that) and continued with,”…I told Republicans to approve healthcare fast or this would happen. But don’t worry, I will veto because I love our country & its people.”

Twitter has become a defense mechanism for these old guys. Its quite clear– the GOP does not like Medicare for All. But do they offer an alternative solution?– No.

Can they offer a solution when historically they could lose the support of healthcare lobbyists? Probably not.