The ‘Amazon Coat’

In Jiaxing, China, 32-year-old Kevin Chiu works in a factory now famous for creating a jacket that quickly went viral in New York, dubbed as the ‘Amazon Coat.’ In just one month, he made more money than in all of 2017.

His jacket, brand called Orolay, is nothing more than your average puffer coat, selling between $80 to $139. But that’s all it took for one woman on the Upper East Side to wear it and, between a post on social media word-of-mouth, convince many other girls to buy it as well.

The coat has become well-known in a market Chiu barely knows and in a language he barely speaks. U.S. sales make up 70 percent of Chiu’s revenue, much of which is sold through Amazon (hint the name).

The impact social media has in moving products from factories and shelves into the hands of the younger influencer generation and in front of the lenses of dozens of iPhone cameras, its snapshots filtered and circulated throughout Instagram stories and posts, is insane.

With just a few taps of an iPhone screen, a young man in China who had started making this jacket as an impromptu business sits hard at work for his clients overseas. Chiu expects to make $30 to $40 million in sales this year.