Aloha! Southwest Airlines Starts Service to Hawaii

Aloha!  Southwest is Heading to Hawaii

After much anticipation, Dallas-based Southwest Airlines will begin service to Hawaii.  The move has been talked about for months.  The carrier known for being an industry disruptor is heading over the Pacific.   For fliers, this will likely mean more options, and hopefully lower fares.

Already Southwest is offering discounts.  Flights between the islands are being advertised for as little at $29 each way.  Flights from California are being promoted for $49 and $79.  Phenomenal fares to start that could lead to further competition long-term.

The routing to Hawaii is crowded.  Legacy carriers like American, Hawaiian, United and Delta offer regular roundtrips, including nonstop starting points, other than California.   Alaska Airlines has also been providing Hawaii service from the West Coast with popularity.

But Southwest has been known to shake-up the aviation landscape.  Hawaii could be its next frontier.  It has a loyal customer base that has been waiting for this moment.

Unlike most carriers which charge for things like checked baggage, Southwest offers free.  A selling point in a competitive environment.

“Beyond these introductory fares that celebrate our significant initial investment in serving the Islands, our Hawaii Customers will experience our everyday value in low fares that offer everybody the same brand standards: no fees to change your ticket and two checked bags fly free*,” said Tom Nealon, President, Southwest Airlines in a press release.