Islamophobic White Supremacist Kills 49 People in a Terrorist Act- I’m Holding My Breath

49 people have been reported dead and 20+ severely injured.

49 Dead at the hands of a fascist Australian sadist by the name of Brenton Tarrant.

In the quiet city of ChristChurch in New Zealand, the 28-year-old terrorist disrupted Friday prayers with a long thought-out killing spree. For 2 years, Tarrant planned how he would execute this mass shooting.

Using military grade assault rifles, mind you they are decorated with white-supremacist graffiti, the terrorist opened fire at the Al-Noor Mosque first. There he killed 41 individuals both inside and outside the mosque. Throughout all of it, the terrorist recorded his actions using a camera attached to his helmet and streamed the whole massacre on Facebook live.

He left the mosque to switch out guns and re-entered the mosque to start shooting again– at the dead bodies. Lifeless bodies rose up, convulsing with each continued shot.

Next, he got in his car and drove to another mosque, The Linwood Mosque, and killed another 7 people. At Linwood, a witness recorded the aftermath of the shooting from inside the mosque and young children were visible in the video.

Facebook and Youtube scrambled to take down the 17-minute long video of all the events from the shooting.

I happened to watch all 17 minutes of the video after receiving an encrypted link from a friend that found it on a website that leaked it. Every minute made me sick. In the video, the Guardian reports that Tarrant was “driving to the first mosque while listening to a song idolizing Radovan Karadzic, who was jailed for genocide and other war crimes against Bosnian Muslims.”

Zero remorse.

3 men and 1 woman have been arrested in an alleged connection to the mass shooting. Tarrant has been charged with counts of murder.

Worse of all, Tarrant and other fascists involved, published a 74-page manifesto called the Great Remplacement, before going about executing the mass shooting. (I personally do not understand why it is still publicly available. Should we invigorate more fascists!?)

In the manifesto, the writer states that there is a “white genocide” happening. Killing “Muslims with high fertility rates” was an act of public service, according to the terrorist.

Here are some screenshots from the manifesto, where Tarrant answered questions that he knew others would raise following the event of the shooting:

He even quoted Donald Trump in the piece… I am at a loss of words:

And this bone chilling section…

This affects all people. We’ve seen this happen before. The Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting. The Charleston Church shooting in an African Methodist Episcopal Church.

I cant help but feel powerless. Waleed Aly, a prominent Australian journalist and practicing Muslim said, “Of all the things that I could say tonight – that I am gutted, that I am scared, and that I am filled with utter hopelessness – the most dishonest thing would be to say that I am shocked. I’m simply not. … Everything we say to try to tear people apart, demonize particular groups, set them against each other, that all has consequences, even if we are not the ones with our fingers on the trigger.”

I could not have said it any better.

I AM scared. I am from a Muslim family. Although I am not the most religious, my worries extend beyond my own safety. I requested that my father skipped Friday prayer today– I was shooed away. Why do I need to bite my nails during Friday prayer, waiting for my father to call me back?

My little sisters wear the hijab and my mother also wears the hijab– I worry for them.

People I love and cherish, some of which are visibly Muslim,– I worry for them.

When will the issue of gun violence be addressed? Why should any man be able to purchase military-grade weapons?

Society has become so divided. White supremacy is rampant. Yes its 2019, but it remains alive and well.