NYC Finds Electric Vehicles to be the Cheapest Cars in its Fleet

Photo of electric car being charged

New York City found that servicing costs for its all-electric vehicles are less expensive than its gas, hybrid or hybrid plug-in models, which could help advance adoption of electric vehicles.

The study, which was released March 8, analyzed 2018 maintenance costs for its Department of Citywide Administrative Services fleet and found “dramatic” maintenance savings for all-electric vehicles.

“All early indicators are that we are achieving the fuel, emissions, and maintenance benefits of this exciting transition away from the internal combustion engine,” the report states.

The majority of the focus on the benefits of electric vehicles has centered around the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and the improvement in air quality. This report brings up a much less talked about benefit that deserves more attention.

Consumers might not equate electric vehicles with low maintenance costs, particularly because Tesla has been in the headlines recently for its issues with repairing vehicles. Indeed, Tesla Model 3 lost its Consumer Reports ‘recommend’ rating this year due to reliability issues.

Still, maintenance costs for electric vehicles are lower than combustion engine vehicles because their motors have fewer parts, which means fewer parts that need repair or to be replaced. In addition, electric vehicles use regenerative braking, which could extend the life of breaks.  

Now that New York City – the largest municipal fleet in the US – has acknowledged that electric vehicles resulted in huge savings, hopefully other entities will take notice and purchase them for their own fleets.