Twitter Shenanigans

The first good morning of my day comes from CNN’s daily newsletter “Five things you need to know today.”   And today’s top 5 was coverage regarding the New Zealand attacks, the 2020 Presidential election, a flood in Nebraska and Trump tweeting.  According to CNN Politics, today marks the craziest twitter day Trump has had.  

It is no secret that Trump has had his fair share of crazy talk on twitter which he uses as a form of communication to his supporters.  These tweets– or antics shall I call them, have raised concerns on the state of Trump’s mental health and how he thinks, but his tweets on Sunday were a bit out of the norm even for him.  According to the article, Trump sent out 29 tweets and retweets on Sunday, but the amount wasn’t the mindboggling thing, the content was. He tweeted statements antagonizing the news media’s training, and retweeted statements that were demeaning toward his former Presidential runner-up, Hillary Clinton.  His tweets spewed out about every hour, but ironically there were no messages toward the New Zealand attack.

Weird right?

Maybe so if we were talking about someone other than Trump, but seeing he has made comments about white supremacists not being a rising factor, I personally am not surprised.  After I read his splurge of tweets and retweets myself, I can definitely say “If Trump’s Sunday on Twitter doesn’t raise some concerns for you, then clearly you are not paying attention,” according to CNN Politics.