An Actual Jungle in the Concrete Jungle

An illustration of New York

On Friday, the New York Times published an article about something in New York City I didn’t know existed. Something unexpected, a surprise treat for people who easily get tired of concrete and dirty subways.

Yes, on West 28th Street, there is a Flower District. According to the Times, it is over 100 years old and “used to thrive like a jungle along Sixth Avenue.” Apparently, that is currently changing – the “district” has been reduced to just one block, but there is a trend that could be keeping it from total obsolescence.

Instagramers have been showing interest in taking photos with flowers, even in New York, says the article.

Earlier this March, California officials called out Instagram influencers and others who visited the super bloom in various poppy fields and harmed the plants by walking on them, picking them and even littering just to take photos for social media.

In New York City, flowers can be a rare sight, especially during a long winter. In the spring, however, various businesses take advantage of our thirst for ambience and incorporate fresh blooms into their decor. On social media, poses in front of boutique florists are aplenty while restaurants decorate their outdoor seating areas with bright colored posies.

Concept restaurants have opened as well, where a floral theme is its selling point – SERRA, a rooftop restaurant and bar atop Eataly’s flatiron location looks nothing short of an Eden.

So what’s the big deal with flowers all of a sudden? This is a great example of supply and demand. Many months in a cold, dark city can make any pop of color a special treat. Businesses are smart to take advantage of the city’s limitations and give the people what they really want.