Joe Biden has finally announced his bid on the 2020 Presidential race! Prior to his big announcement, that he made just shy of a week from today, there was a lot of talk from both Democrats and Republicans about whether Biden was going to run or not.

I remember being in the hair salon back around Christmas time—yes, I know I get a lot of my information while being in the beauty shop lol—and my stylist Coco Spellman, 55, whom I’d say is well-verse on politics since the only channel she airs while working (doing hair) is either CNN or MSNBC—made a comment about how great the ticket would be if both Joe Biden and Beto O’Rourke ran for office.

She had this theory of how Biden and O’Rourke would announce they were both running for President at various times and then after the Biden won the  Democratic Debate, in which Beto would purposely throw to Biden for the win, Biden would next announce that he and Beto would be running under the same ticket. This time only Beto would be Biden’s Vice President.

“What’s going to happen is Biden is going to run and Beto, but their going to use this as their strategy to get on the same ticket,” Spellman said, when I called her to revisit that conversation this past weekend. She says this theory will give Democrats the chance to hold 12 years in office instead of eight because Biden will be too old to run for 2 terms, but Beto won’t be.
“Biden is going to run for President and serve one term, while Beto will be getting groomed as his V.P.” She added “After Biden’s term is up, Beto will run. He will win because the American people will trust he can do the job now and after his first term is up, he can run again and possibly win that race too.”

Creative right? Well up until Biden announced he was running for office, I thought the exact same thing. Now, I’m not so sure. If Biden does become the Democrat candidate, who will he put on his ticket for V.P.? If it’s Beto, which I can surely see happening since after his stance on the NFL protest, people look at him as another Obama, this belief Spellman has really may have been their clever strategy for Dems to take back the power all along.